Imagine for a second, bringing in more traffic & leads consistently to your website...

so that your business or blog excels to the next level… without having to lift a finger! As a busy brand, you’re exhausted trying to keep up with all the changes and it is hard not to feel like our plates are full enough as is. Trust me I get it, you are NOT alone, and I can help change that for you!

If you are an entrepreneur, blogger, or eCommerce store building your empire, you can be leveraging the POWER of Pinterest so you can gain back more time in your day, rapidly grow your email list all while flooding your bank account with moola!

What is all included:

Complete FULL Program: Get access to my full program (all modules above) walking you from start to finish of all the foundations needed for a stellar Pinterest profile and organic strategy. 
Monthly Coaching: Take your investment to the next level! You don’t have to waste your time testing out new strategies to keep up with the Platform changes - because we only bring you the most updated action plans that have been PROVEN to work, month over month. No more overthinking and second guessing. You’re a confident Pintastic Pin Rockstar.
Monthly Audits: Once a month we will go through and audit an account, provide specific keywords to use, feedback on things to tweak and how to make the most of your account & time.
Monthly Hot Seat: Get hands on coaching hot seat monthly to ask any questions you have organic or ads. This is your time to have someone provide undivided attention on your strategy and what to implement to scale!
Guest Speakers: We will bring in guest speakers to train you in on other parts of your content & funnel strategies you can work on to have a fully fleshed out marketing plan for your brand.
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  • 0 Quizzes

  • 0 Worksheets

  • 1 File

  • Join the group

  • Commitment

  • How to Unleash Your Greatest Potential

  • Goal Setting

  • Brand Clarity & Knowing Who You Are

  • Define Your Audience

  • Value or Pain

  • Content Consistency

  • Pinterest Business Account Set Up

  • Optimizing your Site

  • Profile Foundation

  • Profile SOP

  • Board Creation & Optimization

  • How to Find Boards + Create Them

  • Set Board Descriptions

  • Finding the Holes

  • Full SOP Workflow for Boards

  • Broad Match Search

  • Pinterest Trends

  • Alphabet Search

  • Related & Suggested Search

  • Targeted Keyword Search

  • Keyword/Board Planner

  • What STYLE & When to USE it

  • Brand Style Guide

  • Using Easy Color Features In Canva

  • Using The Position Tool To Align Elements & Text

  • Optimized Pin Design Checklist

  • Pin Design

  • Cover Photo Design

  • Animated Pin Design

  • Video Pin Design

  • How To Create MultiAsset Pins WITHOUT Branded Video Content

  • Create A Quote Pin Using The Blur Feature

  • Tailwind Chrome Extension

  • How to Upload a Pin

  • Board Lists

  • How to Share Pins to Tailwind Communities

  • Interval Pinning in Tailwind

  • Scheduling In Tailwind Start To End

  • Scheduling pins direct from website using tailwind chrome extension

  • ecommerce chatGPT prompts

  • service based chatGPT prompts

  • SOP Workflow for paid chatgpt keyword, title & description development

  • Pinning & Scheduling Strategy

  • Interval Pinning Explanation

  • Willow Tree Method - NEW FRESH content scheduling

  • Full walkthrough SOP (Tailwind)

  • How to Use Pin for Later Links on Other Social Media Platforms

  • Following Up On Your Design Once Pinned

  • Mary Audit

  • Tara Audit

  • Brittany Audit

  • Tracking Pinterest Growth

  • Pinterest Pin Tracking

  • Google Analytics Basics

  • UTM Links for Google Analytic Tracking

  • Tracker + How to Use

  • My Favorite Tools (affiliate links may be included in some)

  • Hide Your Pins

  • Beautiful, Easy Pop-Ups

  • Content Marketing with Kristy

  • Earn Back Your Investment

  • Personalized Pintastic Blueprint